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Is Racist Abuse Still There? How Far Have We Gone To “Kicking It Out”?

It is quite incredible that after all the great and hard work Safety Officers have put in, especially with “Kick It Out” that we find a Tottenham fan has thrown a banana skin onto the field at the Emirates Stadium when a black footballer, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang celebrated scoring a goal.

This is almost a return to the sixties and seventies when this type of activity was commonplace. There has been a series of programmes on TV over the last week where the football greats of yesteryear – John Barnes, Brendan Batson, Justin Fashanu among others tell viewers about what life was like in the past when they appeared on our football fields and the abuse they had to endure going back to the days of Albert Johanneson, the first black footballer to play in an FA Cup Final.

On TalkSport this morning, Vinnie Jones asked “are we going back to the stone age?” and referred to the person throwing the skin as a “moron”. This is how the Daily Telegraph saw things. Thankfully someone has been arrested for it.


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