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Terror Shootings in Strasbourg

The citizens and visitors to France’s biggest Christmas Market in Strasbourg were subjected to what has been described as a “terrorist incident”, yesterday as a gunman known to the local security services opened fire killing three and injuring thirteen more. This devastating incident once again brings into focus that such incidents may only be just around the corner, the challenges that we continually face as Safety Officers plus the fact that we cannot afford to let complacency take hold even though the “severe” level of terrorist threat seems almost like “business as usual” based upon the length of time we have been at that level.

It has, in fact, produced us with a timely reminder that we should continue to ensure that the threat is highlighted at our briefings with supervisors and managers and that it is cascaded down to the stewards at our matches.

We need to make sure everyone is aware of Hidden, Obvious, Typical, Run, Hide & Tell and the 3 Cs.

The following article tells us more of the story facing the emergency services in Strasbourg, a strategic city in France which is also the seat of the European Parliament.

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