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Smoke Canister Leaves Young Away Supporter Needing Medical Attention

With Monday of this week representing the 30th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, which gave way to the evolution of football safety as we know it, it is with some distaste that we learn of a young 9 year old Chelsea supporter needing medical treatment after a Liverpool “supporter” threw a smoke canister into the away section of the Anfield Road end on Sunday.

Early reports suggested it was a flare, which , of course, would be a more serious issue, but it appears that it was a smoke canister. Our colleagues at Liverpool FC are said to be co-operating with Merseyside Police, who became something of a laughing stock when they failed to determine who was responsible for attacking Manchester City’s team coach last year, despite the fact that our Corporate Partners, Super Recognisers identified them quite easily.

The Chelsea supporter involved was one with special needs according to the Daily Mail.


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