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England “Fans” At It Again – Repeat and Rewind

The angels with dirty faces who masquerade as England fans have poked their heads above the parapet once more, this time in the fantastic City of Porto in the north of Portugal.

The FSOA understands that around 20000 have arrived over the last few days in readiness for the UEFA Nations League semi-final with the Netherlands, due to take place this evening.

As we are aware, today is the anniversary of the Normandy Landings, when, during the Second World War, a large number of conscript soldiers were executed on the beaches around Arromanches-les-Bains on the North Coast of France as they set about liberating Europe from German occupancy.

So these so-called “fans” saw it as a great day to sing songs defaming German people and alter, in a Irish bar in Porto, similar anti-IRA songs. Quite what motivates these people is almost beyond belief, but, as usual, it resulted in a confrontation with Portuguese Police Officers needing the protection of riot shields and batons and, as usual, there were injuries and arrests around this.

Deputy Chief Constable, Mark Roberts said he believes the violence started when England fans threw bottles at Portuguese fans watching their Ronaldo-inspired team beat Switzerland 3-1 in the first semi-final.

While UEFA seems to be trying constantly to conjure up new competition ideas, it always seems to come with attachments where England fans are concerned. It is interesting to note that in Spain the word for a fan of a team is “aficionado” but when they refer to English teams it becomes “hooligano”.

There is a considerable amount of stuff in the press today about it and the great nation of Portugal must be waiting in fear for tonight’s instalment.


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