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My Bet Is On The Horse

Most of us in our careers as Football Safety Officers and particularly those of you that were once Police Officers will have encountered, witnessed and been in the middle of acts of football-related violence.

We all know that what we call “derby” matches, due to inflated passion levels, an unexpected outcome or sheer hatred of the other side, provide us with difficult challenges that we plan and prepare for.

But quite how one explains this action after the Portsmouth v Southampton Carabao Cup match on Tuesday escapes me.

If you haven’t seen this, the clip shoes a football fan punching a police horse!

He clearly didn’t like it when the mounted officer decided and would have liked it even less when he found himself in the back of a reception vehicle not so long afterwards.

This action attained a lot of coverage on national radio and television and is one of the poorest examples we’ve seen in terms of how a football supporter reacts to a result he didn’t want to see.


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