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2018-19 match reports statistics


Match Reports Statistics for season 2018-19

Out of the 92 clubs in the Premier League and EFL

71 Clubs posted match reports

15 PL

21 Championship

13 League 1

22 League 2

6 clubs are not members

15 clubs did not post any match reports.

National League clubs

13 National League clubs or below posted match reports

Total number of match reports posted for season 2018-19 = 1,665

We are still falling short of clubs submitting match reports onto the website. 5 clubs in the top-flight (Premier League) did not submit any match reports at all. With one PL club submitting only one report and another only submitting three reports for the season.

This is very disappointing, and I hope you will rectify this for the season ahead. (You know who you are). Your colleagues in many ways rely upon the information you can provide about your matches as part of their audit trail which enables them to provide clear evidence that they have done as much possible to utilise the resources available to secure valuable intelligence.

With regards to the EFL clubs only 10 did not submit reports which is pretty good considering the 6 clubs are not members.

Well done the EFL clubs, Shame on those Premiership clubs that did not post them or posted less than 10 matches.

Just like your school reports.


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