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A Legal View From Foot Anstey – Mandatory Covid Checks

Following the voting-in of mandatory covid checking at venues around the nation and the subsequent challenges this will produce, our Corporate Partners and Legal Advisers, Foot Anstey have provided a bit of additional advice for us.

Many of you will have met Tim Williamson at our recent Conference & Exhibiton. He tells us:

I am sure you will have seen the Guidance published yesterday that assists ‘responsible persons’ in light of the Plan B requirements.

The Guidance is a broadly helpful document in our view and contains some useful worked examples.

However, we anticipate there are likely to be questions that arise. There is also a workaround where a venue operator may apply to the LA for agreement that spot checks may be carried out as an alternative. This requires the preparation of a risk assessment and will have to be submitted to the LA in advance.

Where that is not possible because of time constraints there is a workaround too:

For events held between the 15 December and 31 December, event operators that meet the criteria and want to apply spot checks must submit an assessment of risk to their local authority. If the criteria are met and the submission made reasonable requests, spot checks can be used without local authority assessment.

Plainly we would be pleased to support any Clubs that had questions about the new framework and . or would like to discuss any applications to the LA or preparations of risk assessment.

As an initial offer perhaps, we would be pleased to offer a free initial 30 minute consultation to review the specific details of the fixtures and what steps can or might be taken to help the Club navigate the rules and requirements.

Please feel free to contact Tim on:

Direct Dial: +44 238 017 3032
Mobile: +44 7816 335521  
Switchboard: +44 2380 172222 Email:
Fax: +44 2380 172220 Web:

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