About FSOA

The Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) of England and Wales was formed in 1992 by a small group of Football Safety Officers for Football Safety Officers.

The aim of the Association is to develop and improve all aspects of Stadium Safety including how events are safely managed. However over the years as Stadium design and facilities for spectators have been improved so has the expectations of the customers (fans) who visit our grounds. In order to keep pace with these heightened expectations the FSOA has and continues to play a significant part, mainly through the Stewards employed by football Clubs, in improving levels of customer care and quality of service delivery. Attending football matches should be an enjoyable experience irrespective of the match result and Safety Officers through their match day staff will play a significant part in achieving this objective.

These customer service improvements have been achieved by the FSOA working with the football governing bodies, national bodies such as the Home Office, the Department for Culture Media and Sport, Local Government agencies such as the Core Cities Group and the Association of Chief Police Officers. Our other partners in the development of constantly improving safety, security and customer care and service delivery include the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, the Football Supporters Association and Level Playing Field.

Membership of the FSOA is open to Safety Officers, their Deputies and Assistants and well as others with particular safety management roles within football. We also welcome membership from individuals, organisations or companies whose roles, products or services complement the aims and objectives of the Association and which will assist or support the membership.

Since our inception other sports in the United Kingdom have adopted the principles and ideals formulated by the FSOA with other Football Safety Officer bodies established in Scotland and Northern Ireland and into other sports such as cricket, rugby league, rugby union and horse racing.

To learn more about the FSOA, the services we can deliver and how to contact us for more information about the Association, membership or corporate partnerships.

E-mail info@fsoa.org.uk or call the office on 01254 841771


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