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Another “Derby”, Another Pitch Incursion

A couple of pitch incursions at the London Stadium added weight to the West Ham United scales last night. Not only might this spark off another inquest between West Ham and the Stadium operators, but the first incident proved costly to the hosts as far as the outcome of the match was concerned.

West Ham had fought back to be trailing 1-2 with a goal in the 71st minute, when after 75 minutes a sole “invader” climbed over the perimeter in a bid to get onto the field. As he was being taken away by stewards, with the Hammers defenders looking on, Tottenham took a corner and scored to make it 3-1.

OK this was “only” the Carabao Cup, but it is still a conduit to silverware. The consequences for a Club might be more far-reaching if an incident of this nature coat a team three valuable League points.

The second incursion involved an offender wearing a Hallowe’en-style mask, which presents us with another challenge.

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