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ANPR International is a market leader in the provision of innovative, reliable and cost effective Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) access control systems and mobile video security solutions.

Our technology has been developed from over two decades of traffic management, control and security experience taken from a range of sectors, both public and private. The business has grown since its formation in 2005 and has specialised in providing services and technology to both the security, event management and enforcement markets around the UK.

ANPR at FSOA's Spring Conference

The range of solutions that we provide to members of the FSOA include:

ANPR Access Control Systems: We provide a seamless integration of ANPR camera technology with a range of barrier systems to offer enhanced site security and access control. With an ANPR access solution cars are only permitted into your training grounds or stadium if they are pre-approved by your system and provides you with an accurate daily log of traffic on-site. The effeciency of the system greatly improves overall site security but as an added benefit can drastically reduce the level of direct staffing involvement necessary to control access points allowing for better and more productive use of valuable resources.

Mobile Video Security Solutions: Introducing our latest product range eXplor, which is the first “Personal Security Assistant” device designed specifically for security personnel use, to improve the operational capacity, protection and overall performance of stewards, crowd management, law enforcement and emergency services personnel in all operating circumstances.

eXplor is a compact, practically pocket-sized, ultralight device, with a long battery life. Its numerous functions make it an ideal support tool, especially suited for intelligence-sharing purposes, with respect to operating environments, but its main feature is the ability to stream video footage from the device live to a back-office control or situation room. eXplor, can be connected to a range of analogue cameras, whether visible, hidden or integrated with other equipment already in use.

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