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Banning Orders Handed Out to Middlesbrough & Millwall Fans Following Disorder

Cleveland Police have been successful in identifying 22 supporters of Middlesbrough and Millwall following an invasion of the field in April 2018.

Fifteen appear to have been summonsed to court and a further seven to youth offenders.

Banning orders have been issued to seven Middlesbrough and five Millwall fans in what appears to have been a successful post-match operation to bring these people to justice.

The disorder between the two sets of fans were considered serious and it is great achievement that Cleveland Police have fully utilised the resources available to them and have succeeded in obtaining banning orders. As Safety Officers, we are aware that these banned characters often try to get back into our stadia by every means possible – false names, tickets purchased by other people, so hopefully the final prosecutions will extend beyond that.

A local newspaper had the following to say…


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