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Bayern Munich Fans- A New Twist

With their team leading 6-0 away at Hoffenheim, he sanctimonious Bayern Munich fans displayed a series of offensive banners aimed at Hoffenheim owner and multi-billionaire, Dietmar Hopp over the weekend.

Dietmar Hopp is a founder of SAP, appears to be out of favour with Bayern over his backing of Hoffenheim. Most Clubs in the Bundesliga are owned by their supporters and new clubs with new money are not considered welcome, as we have seen with Bayern, among others, attitude to Manchester City.

Teams like Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig, Wolfsburg, all of whom have the backing of major companies, even though Wolfsburg was original Volkswagen’s factory team have come under scrutiny in recent times, but Hoffenheim’s story is slightly different. The new influx of wealth saw them emerge from lower levels of German football into the Bundesliga and the established “elite” simply don’t like it.

To that end Bayern fans displayed banners with offensive messages which resulted in the match officials invoking the UEFA 3-point plan which is usually reserved for racist incidents in their competitions. The last 10 minutes or so were played out unchallenged and uncontested with teams passing the ball among themselves, “fly” goalies, the lot!

The links tell you a bit more and the Sun has obliged us with a translation.

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