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Biggest Post-Lockdown Event So Far – A Wembley Success

Wembley Stadium opened its doors to 21000 fans on Saturday evening as Chelsea and Leicester City battled for one of world football’s most iconic trophies, the FA Cup. Leicester won 1-0 with an excellent goal from Youri Tielemans.

More importantly, from our viewpoint, this was the biggest event so far in terms of attendance and by all accounts, the crowd safety element of it went without incident and with total success. Obviously, we will still have to wait to see how the science has been tested here, especially as the so-called “Indian Variant” of covid-19 is waiting to snare us.

The Duke of Cambridge joined the 21000, which consisted of 6250 from the competing clubs plus a number of NHS staff, other key workers, and local residents. ll those lucky enough to secure a ticket had to have a negative lateral-flow style covid test pre-match. This was part of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) designed to examine the risk of transmission of covid-19 and therfore explore ways for people to attand events of this nature safely. The aim of the research is to help create guidance on how to minimise the risk of airborne transmission of viruses at large-scale events and help kick-start the sport and entertainment industries as restrictions continue to be lifted.

I know a number of our members and our security company partners were involved, notably Stadium and Wise Security, so it is a great well done and congratulations to Wembley Stadium and our colleagues for the part played in restoring the nation’s confidence to attend well-attended events.

On his LinkedIn page my long-standing friend Liam Boylan, Stadium Director at Wembley said:

3 Test events ✅
One of the largest crowds in Europe since Post lockdowns ✅
Harder to deliver than a full house of 90,000✅
Huge success ✅
How amazing does this look, 21,000 people, singing so loud, the roar when the teams walked out.
The atmosphere grew with each test event and today just blew me away.
A huge congratulations to all the teams involved in the planning and brilliant delivery, thank you so much.



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