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Bruce Grobbelaar – You Guys Are Amazing!




Guest speaker Bruce Grobbelaar was at his sincerest when he proclaimed that the Football Safety Officer “Community” was amazing. Bearing in mind what was taking place behind his goal on 15 April 1989, he added that he thought the work we did was “tremendous” and, in his own words, he said..”Look at it this way. There hasn’t been another one has there? That’s down you you guys.”

High praise indeed from the footballer closest to the issues which have dictated our roles since 1992.

People forget also that Mark Crossley who joined Bruce and host Andy Ashworth on stage was also at the stadium although not in Nottingham forest’s starting XI. He too had recollection of the fateful day although they were from a distance.

Bruce spoke with clear emotion in his voice as he told us about the day and the days after and the effect it had on his life.

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