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Casement Park: Stadium safety inquiry criticises amount of money spent on project

as reported by the BBC in May, see the link above for more

Some members of the Culture, Arts and Leisure Committee have criticised the amount of money spent on the planned redevelopment of Belfast’s Casement Park.

The committee is investigating a safety expert’s claims that his concerns over emergency exiting plans were ignored.

A Stormont inquiry into safety concerns over the redevelopment has been questioning senior civil servants.

Committee members said the project may need to go back to the drawing board.

Last month, Sport NI safety expert Paul Scott expressed fears about emergency exiting from the redeveloped GAA ground in west Belfast.

He also claimed he was bullied into dropping his objections to the plans.

And then as further reported by the BBC in July

Stadium safety expert Paul Scott has made new claims about pressure allegedly put on him behind the scenes over the Casement Park project.

He told a Stormont committee that Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) official Ryan Feeney told him he could persuade senior police officers to drop concerns on safety at the new stadium.

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