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Chelsea Score Again In Battle Against Racism

Readers may recall that I reported on 12 December 2018 that our colleagues at Stamford Bridge had recognised four perpetrators of racial abuse aimed primarily at Manchester City player Raheem Sterling earlier that month.

Well, the new season gets under way on a very positive note as it now transpires that up to six people were involved, five of which have received temporary bans from the Club for between one and two years. The key individual involved has received a lifetime ban from the stadium.

The Crown Prosecution Service failed to back up the Safety Team at Chelsea declaring “lack of evidence”, but our colleagues seemingly found enough evidence for them to take the maximum possible action in their bid to rid Chelsea of this and to send out a clear message to anyone who decides that racial abuse of footballers in the future will not be tolerated. Chelsea’s action on this incident, I’m sure you will agree has been exceptional and should be applauded by all of us.

This is what the Guardian had to say on the issue:

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