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City Fan Heading For Dock For Alleged Racial Abuse At Manchester Derby

As much as our colleagues must be fed up with reading about it, I’m getting really fed up reporting about it. Industry professionals are heading to the Den tomorrow to discuss issues surrounding racism in football and hot off the press arrives an event at Manchester City yesterday, where hawk-eyed Sky Sports cameras could not have failed to see an appalling act of racism directed at the United player, Fred.

Social media almost went into meltdown and such was the uproar and outcry that even City fans gave up the man’s identity and by the time the debriefs were concluded both the Club and GMP had the full lowdown on the culprit. This happened at a time when United were leading 0-2 and Fred went to take a corner. Added to that was the fact that he was also hit by a missile thrown from the corner area.

This morning it is all over the written and broadcasting media and below is what the Daily Mail has to say..


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