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Club Doctors Now Express Their Concerns

Sky Sports revealed yesterday that a number of Club Doctors have aired their concerns about “Project Restart” and these resemble the concerns that some of our colleagues have shared with us.

Like a number of Safety Officers, some Club Doctors are not directly employed by their clubs, but are practising doctors who contract their services. As such, they carry professional indemnity and public liability insurance and as this Covid-19 is a “new”peril it remains to be seen whether insurance providers would cover them if they should be subject to a claim as a result of it. The same can be said of Safety Officers who are contracted and not employed by their clubs.

The Premier League and the FA have tried to steamroller the restart of football with scant regard to the roles of Safety Officers and although some are working in conjunction with their clubs, the protocols under which restart might happen are being drip-fed and it is not always possible to get the “big picture”.

And it the “big picture” that our members need to see so that they can complete their Coronavirus Risk Analysis and from their the Risk Assessment demanded by the SGSA, despite their shortage of guidance.

Their website still shows no entries since 17 March 2020 and help and updated guidance seems to be at a premium.

The BBC also reported on this and this was picked up by the Mirror’s John Cross and retweeted . The FSOA still remains concerned that despite the coverage from Paul Doyle in the Guardian on Monday, Safety Officers do not generally seem to be involved at all in “Project Restart”, yet it will be them who sign-off their stadium as suitable and therefore safe to accept people. This, therefore, leaves them susceptible to having to defend themselves and their clubs should a Covid-19 death occur as a result of their stadium being used.

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