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Controlled Solutions Group

Controlled Solutions Group offer a wide range of services including controlled event solutions, controlled guarding solutions, controlled training solutions and wider security solutions.

Controlled Event Solutions

Controlled Guarding Solutions

Controlled Training Sloutions

Controlled Solutions Group (CSG) is a group of 3 wholly and privately owned companies consisting of Controlled Event Solutions (CES), Controlled Guarding Solutions (CGS) and Controlled Training Solutions (CTS).

The birth of the group began in 1989 as Special Projects Security Limited but was expanded and re-branded in 2002 to meet the ever changing safety and security needs of the 21st century in the sports, leisure and entertainment industry. The group, which has its offices in Manchester , Liverpool, Nottingham and London , England currently employees over 100 full time and 2000 part time, fully trained, accredited and licensed personnel throughout the U.K.

As a privately owned group of companies, the group directors remain at the cutting edge of operations and development and are able to draw upon their extensive wealth of police, military and education experience to deliver realistic, practical and achievable solutions to meet your individual safety and security requirements.

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