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Coronavirus – Behind closed Doors or Competition Suspension?

Our Liverpool friends will be nervously looking over their shoulders as the meeting of “Governing Bodies” takes place at the Department for Digital Media, Culture & Sport on the subject of the threat of Coronavirus.

Sadly, they did not think to invite the FSOA along. We only have to deal with the outcome!

Can you imagine if in a fortnight the Liverpool v Crystal Palace match was ordered to be played behind closed doors? Is the DCMS telling us there wouldn’t be 50000 – plus Liverpudliand in the environs of Anfield to celebrate their title win? (Assuming Manchester City manage to beat Arsenal and Burnley, which on current league form is not the given it once was). Maybe the DCMS doesn’t think that 50000 people in the plazas, car parks and public roads around Anfield need safety managing. Given that they will bee there and already congregated, no prizes for guessing the safest place for them!

Even worse, can you imagine a competition suspension? With Liverpool light-years ahead of the stalling pack, how unjust would that look? While their brethren from the opposite end of the East Lancs Road might stifle a chuckle, Jurgen Klopp would probably explode, such has been his team’s dominance this season.

Watch out for the outcomes from the meeting. Once they are known to the FSOA, we’ll all be in the loop.

On a lighter or not so note, I received a parcel from China this morning and my mum believes it’s infected and is telling people that our postman is infecting every house on his walk because of my parcel..and because she’s 87, she’s vulnerable…

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