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Covid Passports Marching Up The Sports Agenda

There may be sceptics among the population that suspect a subterfuge element to the concept of Covid Passports, but the BBC today tells us that sports major governing bodies including the FA and the Premier League have put together a letter to the major political parties suggesting that Covid Passports could be a useful starting point to getting fans back into our sports grounds at more or less capacity levels in the shortest possible time.

On Wednesday, the same outlet reported the EFL’s approach from Trevor Birch, and yesterday we saw the advent of this letter.

None of the sporting organisations wants this to reflect discrimination or division, but simply to use it as a starting point, which can point the way forward. We have to take some Creedence from this as our clubs at all levels are losing millions of pounds, collectively, every week and as the statistics start to show in our favour again, largely as a result of the vaccination programme, Safety Officers will continue to examine ways that they can safely allow fans back into their stadium.

This is great news for football and, more importantly, great news for our colleagues at all levels, some of whom will have wondered as to which direction their jobs were going.

I’m sure we have all got our plans in place and are looking forward to whatever we are allowed as the end of this season approaches, but more importantly, full, unrestricted stadia at the start of next.

This is what the BBC had to say…

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