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[mukam_service style=”services-5″ icon=”mukam-settings” header=”Membership Benefits” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]From networking opportunities, national conferences, interactive forums and discussions, our members help shape our industry. Read More[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-5″ header=”About the FSOA” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]o learn more about the history of the Football Safety Officers Association click the ‘find out more’ link.
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[mukam_service style=”services-5″ header=”Changes to Stewarding” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]Since the 5th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide) was published in 2008, the steward training and qualifications system has grown extensively. There are many more providers offering an increased number of qualifications to help… Read the rest[/mukam_service]
[mukam_service style=”services-5″ icon=”mukam-sandtime” header=”Safety Officer Training” link=”” animation=”no_animation”]The FSOA is committed in assisting members and their teams to achieve the highest standards of learning and development. The FSOA has helped develop every football steward’s training package and helped to provide the first official safety officer training qualification.[/mukam_service]

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tab-iconThe Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) of England and Wales was formed in 1992 by a small group of Football Safety Officers for Football Safety Officers.

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