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Croatia v England: A ‘ghost game’

What is it like to play behind closed doors?

This is quite an interesting article. I was one of the safety & security team that went to CSKA Moscow with Manchester City in the 2014/15 season. The match at the Khimki Stadium was supposed to be played closed doors due to a UEFA sanction similar to that imposed on Croatia for tomorrow’s match.

For some inexplicable reason UEFA were still allowed their “UEFA family” tickets and perhaps unsurprisingly most of these found their way into the hands CSKA’s fans, around 500 in total. Although the match finished 2-2 we left the game feeling as though it was City who had been punished and not the home side. A small number of City fans had made the trip hoping to gain access to the stadium and although one or two did seem to get in with easily accessible press passes, we suggested to them that they should leave in case they were arrested.

It’s interesting to read the comments of those involved in other matches played behind closed doors…


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