Who is Dallmeier?

Dallmeier is one of the leading manufacturers of video security solutions. For example, nine stadiums of the 2018 FIFA World Cup have decided for Dallmeier video security solutions, as well as 14 Premier League clubs of the 2020/2021 season.

Dallmeier offers various solutions to enable FSOA members to update and enhance their video security solutions to meet the modern challenges faced by today’s stadiums and to implement the latest technological advancements in surveillance in a cost-effective manner.

How can FSOA members benefit?

  1. Special Pricing for Premier League FSOA membersPremier League Initiative
  2. Funding assistance available from the FSOA for non-Premier League clubsLeagues below Premier Initiative
  3. Wide range of High Definition and Ultra-High Definition camera solutions
      • In-Bowl facial recognition
      • Concourses
      • Lounges
      • Car parks
      • Turn-styles
      • Training grounds
  4. Software and hardware for control room video management
  5. Integration into existing systems
  6. Appliances for real-time recording and whole season storage
  7. Free system audit and road map for existing surveillance system development
  8. Match day trials
  9. And much more


14 English Premier League clubs have decided for “Panomera®” from Dallmeier electronic

Regensburg, 23 January 2020 – Like many national football leagues, the teams of the English Premier League also suffer from unacceptable incidents such as lighting of pyrotechnics and throwing projectiles, hate crime and vandalism. This is why as early as 2013 the managers at Everton F.C. opted for a patented video security solution from the German video technology company Dallmeier. Today, 14 of 20 clubs of the 2019–20 Premier League season have implemented Dallmeier Panomera® multifocal sensor systems – including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Dallmeier solution approach proves equal to international safety standards

Many teams in the top flight of English football are also involved in the Champions League and Europa League, so it is also extremely important for them to satisfy the safety regulations imposed internationally by UEFA and similar bodies. For this purpose, Dallmeier solutions enable high-resolution capture of expansive areas, such as the stands, with a minimum number of camera systems. With Panomera® cameras, multiple operators have the capability to zoom in on suspicious activities independently of each other, while the system continues recording the entire scene. This combination of the advantages of PTZ and megapixel cameras, an optimum overview of the situation is obtained, which can also be searched in the required minimum resolution at any time afterwards. This enables the clubs to achieve continuity of video evidence, get instant ID of people and events, and so reduce potential penalty payments.

Smart content analysis through precisely defined image quality

Besides the court usability of video recordings, the “minimum resolution density” is also important for video analysis applications. As stated so succinctly by the rule “quality in, quality out”, of course the quality of the results of analysis – for example in “crowd analyses” for people counting on stands, for “hostile vehicle mitigation” or to detect intrusion in sterile areas – can only ever be as good as the quality of the image, and accordingly the quality of the input data. With Dallmeier solutions, as early as the planning stage customers can precisely specify the pixel density values defined according to DIN EN 62676-4 for each region of the area captured – depending on whether for example at least 62.5 px/m is required for AI-based object classification, or 125 or even 250 px/m is required to guarantee that recordings of persons will be usable in court.

“Throughout our selection procedure, the Panomera® cameras from Dallmeier were able to deliver images of the highest quality time after time, not only in normal daylight conditions, but also under weaker floodlighting, that is to say not only live but also in the recording with the highest resolution quality in all regions of the images. Moreover, with the Panomera® cameras we can capture large expanses, the entire area of the stands, for example, with just a small number of systems. Ultimately, these considerations were the critical factor in our decision to award Dallmeier the contract for video security at Goodison Park”, says David Lewis, Head of Security and Stadium Safety for Everton F.C.

“What we plan is what you get”: 3D planning approach for maximum cost effectiveness

The innovative 3D planning approach by Dallmeier provides stadium operators with the ability to place each individual camera with the highest precision in advance through the use of a “digital twin”. Thus, even the planning contributes to a reduction of total costs. At the same time, the in-house planning team uses it to manage any difficulties such as visual obstacles (e.g. a video cube) or subsequent structural changes. This ensures that there are no “cost traps” for the customers, and that compliance with all requirements is guaranteed without exception when the system is implemented.

Further information:

Dallmeier Solutions for Stadiums

Dallmeier Panomera®

The operators of Goodison Park, home ground of Everton F.C., have relied on Panomera® camera technology since 2013
The patented Panomera® camera technology captures even very large areas with maximum efficiency and minimum overall operating costs
Compared with megapixel and PTZ cameras, Panomera® multifocal sensor systems always capture all of the activity in defined resolution. This enables high-resolution zooms even in the recording, and thus also identification which is usable in court

About Dallmeier

Dallmeier is the only manufacturer that develops and manufactures all components in Germany. This includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management software. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany!

Dallmeier has at its disposal more than 35 years of experience in transmission, recording as well as picture processing technology and is a leading pioneer of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. This profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software and high-quality recorder and camera technologies enabling Dallmeier to not only offer stand-alone systems, but complete network solutions up to large-scale projects with perfectly integrated component. Right from the beginning the company always focused on own innovative developments and highest quality and reliability.

Over the years, Dallmeier has repeatedly given fresh impetus to the market with new developments and extraordinary innovations. The world’s first DVR for example, which introduced digital recording to the entire CCTV industry more than 25 years ago, came from Dallmeier. The introduction of the patented multifocal sensor system Panomera® has had a similarly ground-breaking effect, ushering in a new era for the industry. This unique camera technology is revolutionising the market and opening up completely new possibilities for securing assets, optimising business operations and ensuring public safety. This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP field have led to a top position in the international market for digital video surveillance systems.




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English Premier League uses patented video security technology from Germany

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