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Drone over Yeovil Town V Manchester United

All please see what James Hillier as agreed to share with you all regarding a request from the FSOA office

Hi John,


Yes we did have a drone at our Man U fixture on Sunday. The Drone was flown from a neighbouring property during the first half . This property had been made available to YTFC for staff/police parking for this fixture as well as a landing position for a helicopter transporting Sir Alex Ferguson. The site that was used by the operator was over the 150m range that I believe is stipulated by the CAA and it was not flown directly over the stadium.


As soon as the drone was noticed one of our car park stewards identified the operator. The police were also notified and took the details of the operator. As I understand the operator was of the opinion that he was acting well within the regulations and was following all CAA regulations.


The images that were taken we subsequently published on twitter/Facebook and on the company’s website.

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