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Drones Close Gatwick Airport

It is widely reported today that drones entering airspace in and around Gatwick Airport have forced the airport to close. This is expected to inconvenience around 110,000 people who were destined to use the airport today. Passengers have been left strewn all over Europe, with airport operators unable to provide specific information to help them.

From our viewpoint, as Safety Officers it is a timely reminder that these so-called “aircraft” can cause problems for us in and around our stadia, especially on a match day when there are thousands of people in the spaces around our grounds. We need to keep ourselves and our stewards aware that drones could affect our matches this and any other weekend.

A number of our stadia have been targeted in the past. It would appear from the article in the Evening Standard that local Police are viewing this as a series of deliberate acts. They can’t really be anything else.


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