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EFL – Phase Two Training “Ready to Go”

With the latest round of Covid-19 testing producing more than satisfactory results, the EFL has given Clubs the green light to commence contact-based training ahead of its intention to recommence at least the Championship at the earliest possible date. There are still discussions ongoing in connection with League 1. League 2 clubs have already agreed to discontinue their competition for 2019-2020.

This week, 1030 players and potential matchday personnel were tested and only 3 were found to be infected, from two clubs.

The FSOA has seen evidence that many safety officers in all divisions have been furloughed, or told to work from home. EFL Security & Operations Advisor, Bob Eastwood will be hosting meetings with safety officers over the next week to discuss their restart propositions and to encourage clubs to get their safety officers back into work in order to ensure that the risk assessments and mitigations are in position in good time. It is important that safety officers engage with the EFL as early as possible in this respect.

Bob has been very supportive of John Newsham’s Coronavirus Risk Analysis Document, some of which will almost certainly be adapted and used with the EFL’s risk assessment guidance. John’s document was designed to be an “aide memoire” for safety officers to enable them to complete their risk assessments as required by the EFL ahead of the resumption of football at their stadium.

Not only are copies of the document available in the downloads area on the FSOA website (members only), but we also have a completed document carried out by Sue Watson at Leeds United. Sue has agreed that we can share this with you if it helps.

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