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EFL Protocols – I’m Delighted to Stand Corrected

Many of you will recall my article earlier this week in which I expressed my disappointment at the apparent lack of involvement of safety officers in the protocols issued by the EFL in respect of the restart of football.

I now understand that Bob Eastwood, easily the best point of contact for the FSOA pretty much in the whole of professional football, did, in fact, contact several safety officers and also ensured the parts of John Newsham’s Coronavirus Risk Analysis document was utilised in order to produce the Risk Assessment guidance in the letter issued to clubs.

That being the case, I’m delighted to stand corrected and offer my unreserved apologies in respect of any offence caused to the EFL. It was not intended to discredit the EFL, but I can understand how it can look like that. It was mainly to highlight that we have a wealth of knowledge and talent that looked like it was going to waste. This only comes with one caveat – keep the FSOA in the loop! Thank you, Bob

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