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Fantastic Gesture By Chichester City FC – Donation to Bury FC

Today’s best story belongs to a club in the Isthmian League South East who, due to the exclusion of Bury FC from this season’s FA Cup competition, were given a bye into Round 2. This also means they are now only one step away from the possibility of a draw against one of the “big boys” when the Premier League and Championship clubs enter the fray at Round 3.

Having banked £81000 in prize money so far, and with another £54k on the plate if they progress to round 3, this has proved to be a great season for a club that was on the financial ropes not so long ago.

They have now decided to make a donation of some of this prize money to the plight of Bury FC, who themselves have been ostracised from the professional game due to their financial situation. I think Bury were only members of the FSOA for one or two seasons as they found the membership subscription of £100 beyond the scope of their business plan. They are now trying to re-enter football at one of the lower steps after their application to re-enter via League 2 failed to gain the support it needed. At least from the FSOA’s viewpoint, they would be able to take advantage of the free membership the FSOA extends to Clubs in and below National League level.


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