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Fighting At Race Meeting At Haydock Park

It’s not only football…or is it? Fighting broke out at Haydock Park Racecourse over the weekend bringing the question of alcohol limitation at race meetings once again. Cellphone footage on You Tube clearly shows a brawl involving several people during the final race of the day.

Amazingly, Merseyside Police actually identified someone and arrested him and several were ejected by the G4S Security teams. You can see the problems caused to G4S in the footage and thankfully there were no reports of injury to their stewards.

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Cynics are saying that this may well have been football fans, especially with the Man United-Liverpool match on the immediate horizon and City due at Wembley this weekend. In reality we saw this kind of occurrence last Spring at Ascot, Hexham and Goodwood, so it is nothing new in the world of horse racing

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