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FSOA Conference – John Newsham says it’s Time To Retire


Following another successful conference, John Newsham announced in his closing deliberations that he intended to step down, shortly, from his role. John has been synonymous with this fantastic organisation and under his stewardship, for want of a better word, the Association has emerged from the doldrums and into the 21st century.

As he promised when he first took over the Chair, he has managed us and encouraged sponsors and exhibitors to enter into the FSOA “Community”. It would have close on impossible for to survive merely as a “membership Association” as were just over 10 years ago.

The quality of just about everything FSOA has improved beyond recognition and this is manifested in the quality of our conferences both in terms of the educational content and the evening entertainment, where Andy Ashworth has also played a major role.

John has been telling me for close on two years of his intention to reduce his levels of involvement, but I have managed to keep him on the FSOA rein. No more, though, but he will still be there to help us, not only at FSOA HQ but you guys out in field as well.

There will be more stories before we let John let go of the tiller, but I’m sure you all join me in thanking him for his extraordinary service to an extraordinary Association and community. We wouldn’t be where we are today without this magnificent contribution.

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