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FSOA October Conference & Exhibition Deferred Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that our Conference & Exhibition scheduled for 6/7 October 2020 has been deferred again.

Social-distancing within the hotel has severely handicapped numbers in terms of both delegates and exhibitors, effectively making the Conference & Exhibition a non-viable proposition.

The timing of the event also coincidentally coincides with the onset of stage 5 of our operations also.

I have reached an agreement with the venue managers to carry forward all reservations to 23/24 March 2021 at no extra cost and have reserved the original venue, the Stratford Manor. While the FSOA has no objection to processing refunds where necessary, this could precipitate an increase if reservations are cancelled and re-booked. The revised contract will be forthcoming shortly.

I have written to our supporting exhibitors and sponsors, none of which have elected to alter their reservations, which is a very positive outcome indeed for us. I will be writing to our Club members over the next few days detailing the options.

Any queries should be directed to or 07860 299788

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