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Garlick’s Restart Training Ground Rules

Many newspapers today are carrying the stories of a document produced by the Premier League Director of Football, Richard Garlick.

With clubs trying to get their players back in for training, a set of rules has been drawn up and these include:

All Footballs, GPS units, cones, corner posts and other equipment to be disinfected before and after use by staff wearing PPE.

Players to wear snoods or masks at all times.

Cars to be parked 3 spaces apart.

No massages unless approved by the club doctor.

Fluids to be left at designated pick up points.

Only visit training block to use toilet.

Initially only 5 players per training group.

Players to be given designated time slots with 15 mins to prepare.

Small group training for 75 minutes.

Recovery for 15 minutes.

Players and staff to be banned from spitting at the training ground.

The final consideration there is almost laughable because it is almost impossible to engage in this type of sport without spitting. How will that be policed?

Is this workable? Probably, is the answer, the spitting issue apart. But will it prepare players for a return to the demands of football? Will players be able to get back to peak fitness in just 3 weeks?

What are the implications for clubs if footballers endure injuries as a result of what is looking like a forced restart?

Gary Neville airs his forthright views on @mirrorfootball about the motives behind this proposed restart. It does, of course, depend upon what action the government is intending to take at the 6-week lockdown review. Mr Garlick’s document might simply be academic.

This comes at a time when the Italian government is suggesting that Serie A might have to be abandoned and in Germany their restart program might be cancelled for fear of a second Covid-19 peak.


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