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Government Guillotine Comes Down on Sport Once Again

The Prime Minister announced today that the proposed go-ahead for the limited introduction of spectators into our football grounds, among other things, is unlikely to take place for up to 6 months.

This will be a severe kick-in-the-teeth for our Clubs who were really looking forward to things returning to “normal” with a chance of full attendances over that 6 month period.

Much needed income will be denied to the football industry and could have a marked effect on lower-league football.

Cambridge Live has this to say:

Plans for pilot events to allow spectators to watch major sports events have been axed.

The government had originally planned to start reopening large sporting arenas along with exhibitions and business conferences from October 1.

Boris Johnson told MPs today: “The spread of the virus is now affecting our ability to reopen business conferences, exhibitions and large sporting events, so we will not be able to do this from 1st October and I recognise the implications for our sports clubs which are the life and soul of our communities.”

After the announcement, Newmarket Races cancelled a pilot crowd trial event which planned to hold up to 1,000 spectators this weekend – the event will take place behind closed doors instead.

At least the hard work put in by our resilient and robust safety officers, especially those who had been on furlough, will not have gone in vain because whenever this restart takes place, the guidance provided by the SGSA, the collaborative protocols from the SGSA/EFL and the help and advice given by the FSOA will still be needed for the supporting match-day documentation once the glorious day arrives.

There has been a tremendous amount of inter-club help and in terms of EFL Clubs, John Rutherford (Port Vale), Dave Parker (Reading) and Dave Storr (Bristol City) have worked hard to provide colleagues with as much help as possible.

It now looks as though we have quite a lot of time to finalise our documentation, so if any help is needed please get in touch.

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