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Helicopter Flies into Wycombe Wanderers to Help Stricken Supporter

The Wycombe Wanderers v Blackpool match was delayed on Tuesday due to a medical emergency in a hospitality area.

The word is that a supporter suffered a major heart attack and it was necessary to activate an air ambulance which landed on the field. The decision was made 15 minutes before kick-off and it was deemed that if kick-off could not take place by 2045hrs, the match would have to be postponed.

Journalist and presenter Jacqui Oatley reported that by the time the air ambulance arrived, the supporter had been taken to hospital in a terrestrial vehicle.

The match did get under way ahead of the allotted time, with Wycombe scoring two early goals to secure a 2-1 win.

Sadly, Mark Bird, the supporter passed away and the FSOA is saddened that he could not be resuscitated. Our thoughts go out to Mr Bird’s family.


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