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FSOA Statement on Recent Pitch Incursions

The FSOA are aware of pitch encroachments at games over the weekend, including a particularly shocking incident which saw Aston Villa player, Jack Grealish, attacked by a spectator.

We strongly condemn the mindless actions of the individual responsible and share the national disgust that such behaviour exists in football.

It is, however, important to remember that it is an incredibly small fraction of football spectators who behave in such an appalling manner. There are tens of thousands of fans who attend games every week wanting to support their teams, who are equally as disgusted by the appalling behaviour of this individual.

It is not the fault of stewards or police if a spectator decides on the spur of the moment to act in this manner. Our members carry out dynamic risk assessments for all safety matters for each and every game, which are agreed by the relevant authorities and police in advance of every fixture taking place.

The FSOA will support any of our members who are affected by the mindless actions of individuals who bring the game into disrepute.

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