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Important News on Counter Terrorism Training Delivery

Good morning all,

Below is the text of an email I have received from Martin Girvan at the SGSA. It concerns how training should be delivered for:

Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management, and

Level 3 Extended Certificate in Spectator Supervision


Dear colleagues,

SGSA has been advised by colleagues in Counter Terrorism Policing there needs to be a change in the way they deliver the ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) Strategic input to support the Level 4 Diploma and Level 3 Extended Certificate, Spectator Safety qualifications.

This change is in response to the challenges being presented to Counter Terrorism Policing and the developing issues relating to Zone Ex, publicly accessible locations and any Protect Duty. The changes will enable the training to be more meaningful for both the learners and their employers.

Rather than attending an ACT Strategic session off site, each learner will now be required to:

  1. arrange for an ACT Strategic Session to take place at their place of work or a suitable venue, liaising with the local Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) or local Counter Terrorism Security Advisor (CTSA) to ensure that a mutually agreeable date is chosen for the CTSA(s) to be able to deliver.
  2. ensure that they also invite and secure the attendance of as many owners and policy writers of those businesses in close proximity to, and directly affected by, the passage of people on event days surrounding the site/venue chosen.
  3. advise the CTSA which organisations will be attending, who their point of contact is and that they, the learner, have set this session up to complete an ACT Strategic for their Spectator Safety Qualification.
  4. advise the SGSA of the date and location of the ACT Strategic Session together with the contact details of the relevant Awarding Organisation and Training Provider.
  5. In addition these events must not only involve the site itself. Surrounding businesses must be in attendance too.

The reason for the change to a locally tailored session is that the whole purpose of ACT Strategic is to build collaboration and understanding between different businesses from a single small geographic area. The idea being that they can learn from each other, understand the different issues each business may have and work together to better prepare for, and protect against, a terrorist attack or similar incident, both directly or indirectly affecting them.

Please note that more than one delegate requiring this for their Level 4 Diploma or Level 3 Extended Certificate Spectator Safety qualification can be involved in a single session but they should make up no more than a quarter of the whole group.

Following the ACT the session the CTSA that delivered the session will inform the Head of Product Research & Development at the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NCTSO) if the delegate(s) in question have played an active part throughout the session. If they have, the SGSA will be informed and the learner can be shown as having completed that part of their Spectator Safety qualification. The SGSA will forward the confirmation directly to the relevant Awarding Organisation and Training Provider.

It is appreciated this is a revised process but it is necessary to better equip the new safety officers with the requisite knowledge and skills for their job role in a demanding environment

SGSA will publish these details on the SGSA website, 3 June 2021

Martin Girvan


Mob. 07977 551015

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