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Improvised explosive device was lobbed into the middle of Italian spectators stand

As reported by the Guardian

The ‘all too familiar scenes of violence that surrounded the same fixture and which culminated in supporters being taken to hospital after an improvised explosive device was lobbed into the middle of their stand?’

The Italian press were not unanimous in their answer. Tuttosport put the football first, their front page a tribute to “Toro’s ecstasy”. Others took a different tack. “Out of control,” lamented La Repubblica’s headline, while Corriere dello Sport settled simply for: “Shame!” Gazzetta dello Sport defined it a “Savage Sunday”, their focus not only on events in Turin but also on allegations the Atalanta striker Germán Denis had assaulted Empoli’s Lorenzo Tonelli after their team’s match in Bergamo.

An afternoon of “ordinary lunacy”, as one writer inside the pink paper would define it. Early news of Torino supporters assaulting Juventus’s team bus on its way into the Stadio Olimpico had been met in some quarters with a shrug. A window was smashed under a hail of rocks and bottles but no one on board was hurt. Juventus have endured similar receptions elsewhere in recent years – from Bologna all the way to Catania.

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