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Interesting Article From BBC Sport and EFL’s Trevor Birch

The following article appeared yesterday on BBC Sport following an interview with EFL Chief Executive Trevor Birch.

The FSOA has always supported EFL Clubs, especially when they’ve needed help with the provision of stewards for unexpected matches and we hope that some of what Trevor says doesn’t cause issues, especially in terms of covid passports which seems to be the “hot potato” of the moment.

Our Safety Officer colleagues around the EFL clubs will already have in place a safe environment for spectators to return, having already been down that road a couple of times already. Indeed, I doubt there is a safer place for people to gather than in our football grounds and we are all ” chomping at the bit” to get fans back in.

The success of the vaccination rollout has been a game-changer, giving all stakeholders and agencies the confidence to switch on the green light, but there is still opposition among some elements of the population that covid passports divide and discriminate. It is however clear that Trevor is being cautious and diplomatic in his answers.


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