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Leeds United FC – Safety Officer Vacancy

Safety Officer – Elland Road

Hours: 37.5 hours per week and includes weekend working on match days

Salary: Competitive

Location: Elland Road Stadium, Elland Road, Leeds, LS11 0ES

Summary of Role:

We currently have an opportunity for a Safety Officer to join our team based at our fabulous Stadium on Elland Road, Leeds. This is a great opportunity for driven individuals who relish a challenge and are driven to succeed in a fast and innovative environment.

The role is diverse from working match days, concerts, conferences, events, meetings and dinners working with customers and clients. To ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety and security of everyone attending all events at the Stadium in accordance with the General Safety Certificate and the Club’s Spectator Safety Policy. The postholder shall have no other duties on a match day, other than those involved in the execution of Head of Matchday Safety and Security.

This role is full time and includes weekend and the candidate must be flexible and adaptable to differing seasonal work patterns.

About The Company:

Leeds United Football Club is an English professional football club based in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire, where we play at our fabulous stadium based on Elland Road, which has been the home of Leeds United since 1919 and remains one of English football’s great theatres and is ‘the only place for us’ ever since. With a capacity of 37,890, it is England’s 11th largest football ground in the Premier League.

Everyone at Leeds United is dedicated to working as one team and to be the best we can be.

Come be part of our fabulous team as we March on Together.

Main Job Responsibilities:

Whilst members of the public are in the stadium during an event, the Job Holder will ensure that the Company’s policy and procedures relating to safety are followed throughout such period and will respond as they see fit (where appropriate after reference to Police or other emergency services) to any incidents, contingencies or emergencies which may arise.

The Job Holder will be responsible for the recruitment, selection, employment, training and deployment of stewards and for the upkeep of appropriate records. The operational control of all stewards will remain with the Job Holder at all times and be affected through the Deputy Safety Officers, Chief Stewards and Stand Managers.

The Job Holder will maintain good communications with the Senior Management team and other employees of the Company as may be necessary to ensure early attention is given to the maintenance and repair of structures and equipment and to all other matters bearing upon spectator safety.

The Job Holder will ensure that the Company engage with the Licensing Authority, Safety Advisory Group, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services and any other body in relation to safety at the ground.

The Job Holder may also be required to perform other duties by or under the authority of the Management Team /Manager as may be from time to time reasonably assigned.

The Job Holder will also :

  • Develop and keep under review the Leeds United Operational documents and
  • Bring to the attention of the Safety Certificate Holder in writing any matters which it is felt would lead to an improvement of spectator
  • Produce and keep under review a steward’s manual outlining their duties in both normal and emergency
  • Total responsibility for stewards, including recruitment, training and deployment. This requires that having assessed strengths needed for a new season, all attend briefings, have written instructions and are aware of their duties.
  • Responsibility for ensuring that sufficient trained first aid personnel are
  • The security of the stadium has been assessed and contingencies planned for highlighted threats from the CTSA
  • Liaise with traffic management companies to ensure that arrival and dispersal of fans is
  • Ensure that companies contracted through the services required to maintain the safety certificate have been monitored effectively and any issues
  • Maintain and manage the spectator code of conduct and ensure all suspensions and bans are administered effectively
  • To liaise with Football Authorities to ensure delivery of the matchday operation meets their standards and
  • The Job Holder will be required to work first team home
  • The Job Holder will be required to work any additional matches / events that are staged at Elland Road where the general public are present within the stadium bowl.
  • The Job Holder must keep up to date with new methods and undertake any necessary internal or external training sessions in accordance with Company Procedures/ Policy .
  • The Job Holder has a statutory duty to observe all health and safety rules and take all reasonable care to promote the health and safety at work of themselves and their fellow
  • The Job Holder must report any health and safety issues immediately to their Line Manager in

Specialist Responsibilities:

Within the 2 days immediately preceding an event the Safety Officer will ensure:

  • That any defects reported at the previous match have been rectified.
  • That the public address, loud hailers, firefighting equipment, fire detection and warning, emergency lighting, communications and computerised counting systems (with mechanical back-up) are all tested and any faults reported are rectified.
  • Review the physical inspection of the ground that there are no hazards to spectators.

Responsibilities Before Each Event:

The Job Holder will ensure:

  • That there are sufficient trained stewards available, including fire stewards to staff all positions prescribed in the General Safety Certificate including all exit and perimeter
  • That all stewards on duty attend the briefing, have written instructions and are aware of their duties and what is expected of them during the event.
  • That sufficient trained stewards are in position to monitor and prevent overcrowding of spectators in any area within the ground.
  • That all stewards on duty are aware of the line of communication, the emergency evacuation procedure and of their positions and duties to effect a safe and orderly evacuation of supporters in the event of an emergency.
  • That the Senior Police Officer in the ground is aware of the number and dispositions of stewards to enable a reassessment of the deployment of any Police
  • That there are no materials, which could be used as
  • That all entrance and exit routes are clear of obstructions and all surfaces are
  • That all exit gates are functioning correctly, open easily and are
  • That ground regulations are displayed at all entrances and all exit and directional signs are in place, in good condition and illuminate (where appropriate).
  • That a sufficient number of trained first aid personnel are present and that the first aid equipment and materials are in order .

Responsibilities During Each Event:

The Job Holder (or appointed deputy) will remain in the Stadium Control during an event with the sole responsibility of spectator safety .

Responsibilities After Each Event:

The Safety Officer will liaise with the Head of Facilities in a visual inspection of the ground for signs of damage .

Responsibilities During Closed Season:

The Job Holder will:

  • Assess the steward strength and needs for the new season and take any necessary steps to recruit new stewards and arrange appropriate t raining.
  • Review and update all documents for the following
  • Provide recommendations and information to enable the Head of Match Day Operations to prepare the new Match day

Contingency Planning Activities:

The Job Holder will :

  • In association with the Police and other emergency services produce plans to cover various contingencies up to and including the evacuation of the ground or any individual part of
  • Test the contingency plans annually by way of an
  • Review all contingency plans before the start of each season and immediately following any alteration to the ground or changes in the Club’s operating procedures.
  • Assist in the review of the Emergency services plan

Training Responsibilities:

The Job Holder will ensure that all staff who are on duty for matches receive training in, or are made aware of:

  • The action to take in the event of fire or other
  • The Company’s contingency
  • The Company’s safety

Record & Documentation Responsibilities:

The Job Holder will ensure that records are maintained and kept at the Company’s premises and are available for inspection by any duly authorised person, in respect of:

  • All safety tests and/or inspections carried out at the
  • The numbers of spectators attending each
  • The weather conditions at each

All reported injuries to any spectator via the Health & Safety Manager

Required Qualifications:

  • DBS check with children’s barred list check
  • Safeguarding Level 2 qualification or equivalent
  • FA Safeguarding children certificate
  • NVQ level 4 or 5 in Spectator Safety

Required Knowledge Skills & Experience

  • Detailed knowledge of Health & Safety legislation.
  • A minimum of 3/5 years experience working in a safety position with experience in managing public
  • Be computer
  • Possesses a demonstrable knowledge of safeguarding policy and best practice
  • Possesses a strong awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • IT literate
  • Communicates using a variety of methods and using an age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Builds positive relationships with the players, staff and all stakeholders
  • Demonstrates outstanding listening, verbal and written communication skills
  • Competent with modern technologies that support the performance of their duties
  • Able to assess and quality assure safeguarding practices
  • Able to exercise individual judgement, assess risk and consult where and when appropriate

What we look for in a team member:

  • Ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • High degree of flexibility & confidentiality
  • Inspires others and is a positive role model
  • Is personable and able to connect and build relationships with others easily
  • Demands high standards and has an attention to detail
  • Is open minded, innovative and willing to explore new ideas/concepts
  • Enjoys facing challenges and have the resilience and resourcefulness to see complex tasks through
  • Is proactive and able to identify and mitigate risks
  • Is a collaborator and relishes the opportunity to work alongside others to overcome challenges and achieve goals
  • Willing to share their knowledge experience as part of a community of practice
  • Able to work with staff and other stakeholders of varying ages, experience, backgrounds and cultures
  • Committed to personal development and continuous improvement
  • Possesses a strong work ethic and are motivated to be the best they can be
  • Able to promote the positive image of the Club
  • Works well under pressure

Equality & Diversity:

As we are a diverse organisation that respects differences in race, ethnicity, religion or belief(s), gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age or with regards to pregnancy or maternity, we welcome all applications. We want everyone to feel valued and included in the football community and to achieve their full potential. Leeds United is opposed to any form of discrimination and commits itself to the redress of any inequalities by taking positive action where appropriate.


Safeguarding & Recruitment:

Leeds United FC are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk, and expect all staff to share this commitment. All staff, whatever their role will receive safeguarding training and will be expected to champion the culture of ‘safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility’.

All applications can be emailed to Lynsey Farnworth, the HR Business Partner at

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