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Liverpool Fans Offer Up A Nasty Piece Of Work

Fair play to Liverpool supporters in Barcelona for the Champions League match at the Camp Nou. As usual, they were urged to gravitate to the Placa Reial where, judging by the amount of trash lying around, copious amounts of Estrella Damm were consumed.


Reports abounded of an individual upending a local and tipping him into a fountain. The same individual was also seen tipping jugs of water on diner’s heads sitting outside restaurants. It’s a good job the local police officers weren’t relying on Merseyside Police for help, because no doubt they wouldn’t have been able to locate or recognise anyone, but the fans themselves did and the man involved is said to be helping police with their enquiries. The square looks a bit different than on the featured image when full of football fans eh?

Liverpool lost the match 3-0 and Lionel Messi scored an extraordinary free-kick which marked his 600th goal for Barcelona.

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