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Liverpool Slaughtered On Social Media Over Racist Banner At Genk

Liverpool FC fans have been taken to serious task over their presentation of a banner relating to their player Divock Origi. The banner in question was tasteless at best and has no place in a football stadium.

Questions do have to be raised though as to how Genk security allowed this to enter the stadium in the first place. Do they not have “checkers” who can read English and decide whether a banner is suitable? Reading English was not even a pre-requisite for this banner, the pictures speaking louder than words.

At The Manchester City v Atalanta match on Tuesday, the Italian fans arrived with a banner depicting a lady and her attributes. City had an Italian-speaker who also had great command of English on hand to advise the Atalanta fans that the banner was deemed inappropriate and it wasn’t allowed in. It is a very low cost part of the operation but it works. Quite why other European Clubs don’t do this is unfathomable.

Below are a couple of interesting takes on the issue.

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