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Lukaku – The Latest Victim or Racial Taunts

In a week when the main topics of conversation in the broadcasting media has involved apparent racial hatred levelled at 2 Manchester United players for missing key penalty kicks in their matches, at Cagliari, Italy, yesterday, ex-Man United player Romelu Lukaku was subjected to monkey noises as he stepped up to score from the spot and set up Inter Milan with an important 2-1 away win.

Both Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba have recently been abused in a vile manner by the hidden cowards of social media, but the abuse levelled at Lukaku was “first-hand” inside the Sardegna Arena.

Many of our colleagues around the leagues have seen and heard similar things going on in their stadiums and we accept that is an impossible mountain to climb to overcome this type of abuse. We do however persevere with it with Clubs now following the Chelsea lead of covert observation which hopefully results in the arrest of those responsible or at least a Club banning order.

The teams that have represented us in Europe have on countless occasions reported incidents of this nature to the relevant authorities only to find they “cocked-a-deaf-one” at it. Of course we at the sharp end understand how difficult it is to bring this type of thing to justice, but we have to persevere in trying to find the best way to accomplish it.

It seems a long, long time ago that similar noises were made at Albert Johanneson,

the Leeds United winger in the 60s who week after week similarly suffered, being the only really prominent black footballer at the time..and a winger close to the stands. And here we are 55 years on and nothing has changed.

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