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Manchester Arena – 3 years on.

Today marks the third anniversary of the terrorist attack on Manchester Arena. A the time it was the biggest attack on any venue in the UK since 2005. Over 800 people were injured, 112 hospitalised and 22 killed.

Today, not only will we remember those who either lost their lives or suffered life-changing injuries, but also those brave Showsec stewards who were working that night. We hear so much talk in the current Covid-19 environment about frontline workers. On 22 May 2017, Showsec were more than that, they were the “advance party”, they were the front-frontline workers. Many of their lives have been badly affected, too. I have worked alongside many of the Showsec staff involved and am always amazed at their resilience.

Today, the FSOA stands firmly by your side and I, for one, will join the Zoom get together at 2231hrs tonight.

Don’t look back in anger, Manchester

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