Do you work in or around sports ground safety?

If so, we would be pleased to hear from you. We offer a range of memberships for Safety Officers, companies and affiliates. See below for more information:

Full Membership

Full membership status will be granted to those who have successfully completed the NVQ Level 4 qualification in Spectator Safety Management (or equivalent) and are employed as Safety Officers, Deputy Safety Officers, or Assistant Safety Officers at sports venues.

Associate membership

Associate membership will be granted to any person employed as Safety Officers, Deputy Safety Officers or Assistant Safety Officer at sports venues who are working as a minimum towards their Level 4 qualification on the relevant qualification framework.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership may be granted to any person who is not eligible under rule 4(1) or rule 4(2) at the discretion of the management board. Those considered suitable for affiliate membership will include anyone having a safety role at football grounds or other sporting venues or events whether in the UK or oversea’s. This will include having a direct role such as employment at a sporting venue or event or anyone indirectly involved such as in Government, a sports regulatory capacity, the emergency services, spectator representative or safety organizations. Examples would include the Football Association, the Premier League, the Football League, the Sports Ground Safety Authority, Football Foundation, the Rugby League, English Cricket and Officers of Local Authorities with responsibility for safety at sports venues as well as any other organisations that have a common interest in safety at sports venues. Others considered suitable will include: Retired members, Honorary members oversea’s members The membership fee for affiliated members will be equal to the full membership fee unless otherwise specified by the management board. Affiliated members will have no voting rights.

Contact the Office now on 01254 841771 for an application form or email


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