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Mitre Funded Training Ready To Go

The Mitre Group is up and running with its funded NVQ Level 2 training in Spectator Safety. Readers of our newsletter will be aware that this is part of the recruitment drive for next year’s Event of National Importance, Birmingham 2022, the Commonwealth Games.

Stewards and potential stewards in West Midlands postcode areas can secure free professional training on the proviso they participate in stewarding at the Games.

Mitre is one of a very small number of stakeholders entrusted with this (I think there is only 3 in total) and are keen to utilise this opportunity not only to ensure that those working at the games are professionally trained and qualified but also, after that, available to work in the football industry.

It may well be that, like more or less every other club, yours is recruiting for the current season and would benefit from the funded training of new stewards, subject to their undertaking and availability to work on the Games. I remember working on them myself back in 2002 in Manchester, albeit at a much more senior level, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences in my event safety management history, and there is plenty of it!

Click on the link and see if your club can benefit. The learning is a combination of online and “face-to-face” with a visit to a football stadium for hands-on elelments. More importantly can your club host one of these sessions? If so, get in touch with Mitre and see how they can help you.


Mitre SS Programme Details Programme 2.pdf


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