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New Season Dates Announced for 2020-2021

Safety Officers stand by your beds as both the Premier League and the EFL have announced September 12 as the commencement date for the new season. This leaves barely 7 weeks between the seasons and fewer for any of our teams that progress deep into the European competitions.

It is unclear at present whether the date for the re-introduction of fans into stadiums will be in time for next season or whether the Prime Minister’s date in October will see this commence. Either way, we will be busy ensuring our grounds are in good shape and in accordance with the guidelines drafted by the SGSA.

I have spent some time this week creating WhatsApp groups for the EFL divisions and the traffic on them has been quite considerable with colleagues, having received their copies of the second draft of SG02, concerned about implementation. The FSOA office is always available to help on this front, but we, too, are part of the learning process. Can I ask all Safety Officers to be prepared to help each other, share ideas and information, experiences with your local SAGs, in short anything that can help us all get our stadiums where they need to be?

I will set up the WhatsApp group for the Premier League on Monday. The one set up by Bob Eastwood for EFL teams involved in the “behind-closed-doors” matches has been very successful. We were originally looking at a different solution, but everybody seems to be on WhatsApp and I know it is something used by our Platinum Partners, Showsec, at Manchester Arena and when out on the festivals as it provides instant communication.

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