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Opportunity with a difference at ACC Liverpool

An opportunity has arisen to become Head of Safety & Security at ACC Liverpool Group, which includes activities around the King’s Dock area in the city, and includes the M & S Arena in its portfolio.


Full details are as follows:


  • To own the Security Strategy and all contributing documents including the Security Threat and Risk Assessment for the ACC Liverpool To lead on the review of these documents in response to changing threat levels.
  • To manage and lead the security function across The ACC Liverpool Group ensuring a safe and secure working environment for all staff and visitors
  • To manage and lead the Security Services team ensuring that all security processes are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that the security and customer service delivery are aligned with the events in
  • Build effective and positive working relationships with key stakeholders both internal and external leading to an integrated security solution ensuring optimum communication, assistance and best practice is


  • To produce and implement an annual high-quality readiness, testing and exercising regime in accordance with the security strategy to ensure all security measures and services are performing to the required standard and to ensure continuous
  • To lead on the security planning for all high profile and high-risk This will include a detailed event security strategy, costs and supporting rationale for the mitigation measures proposed.
  • To lead and shape the safety and incident management function on events and ensure continuous improvement to the customer journey to provide a safe and secure experience for all concert goers whilst ensuring that maximum revenue potential is
  • To lead on the constant review of all emergency and standard operating procedures to ensure that these are always relevant and proportionate to ACC Liverpool’s group.

The closing date is very soon, so if you’re interested please contact:




  • Responsible for devising and implementing effective and efficient security measures for The ACC Liverpool group which will include daily operations and all event
  • To be the Operational lead on the event security and stewarding services contract to ensure that all delivery meets or exceeds the contractual requirements. This will include continuous review of contracted services and delivery
  • Own and ensure constant review of all departmental documentation including but not limited to:
    • ACC Liverpool Group Security Strategy
    • Security threat and risk assessment
    • EMS document
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Emergency procedures and Incident codes
  • To build strategic relationships with the neighbours on the campus and agree on joint up security measures and emergency
  • To actively partake and attend various security forums to ensure sharing of best practice and industry
  • Source and present market leading technological security solutions, infrastructure projects to the Assistant Director – Operations and FM, that will ensure that security at The ACC Liverpool Group remains current and Return on Investment to be measurable.
  • To create a security services document that will form part of bids for national and international events ensuring that each document is tailored to suit the event profile and perceived risk
  • To create bespoke and comprehensive strategic security plans for high profile events. The security plan could be a direct deliverable need for the event or it could be a plan for the campus to deal with the risk a specific event could bring. This will include submitting city applications for road closures, police support and linking into partner


  • To manage and sign off on the provision of an effective and efficient security solution for all events at The ACC Liverpool Group, including: The Security control room, event ingress and egress, specific event Search and Screening Protocols and Perimeter
  • To work closely with the Head of Events to gain an in-depth understanding of the event needs to allow accurate and relevant security and stewarding deployment
  • To ensure consistent and quality delivery in the Event Safety and Incident Manager role and when needed deputise in this role for high risk events such as A1 or B1 risk
  • To fulfil the role of overall Incident manager on High profile events that require a dedicated Incident and escalation manager in support of the event safety and incident


  • To devise and own bespoke security operations in relation to high risk events that require a stand-alone plan. To act as the Police liaison on high profile events with known protected people or a high police
  • To actively audit the security and stewarding delivery on events to ensure standards and security measures are met and exceeded



  • To operate as an active member of the Senior Management Team, shaping the future direction of the
  • To effectively manage the event security and stewarding contract, ensuring that the contract is a constant high performer and in turn provides first class security and customer service 24/7 and
  • To lead, manage and motivate the Security Services team to deliver a 5 star, secure and safe welcome and first-class service across entertainment and sporting
  • To lead and motivate the Event Safety and Incident Manager to ensure that this role continuously delivers and ensures that all teams are working to meet and deliver the needs of the event and the measures dictated by the Risk
  • To lead on and develop standard processes and procedures for the Security and stewarding delivery, control room operation and to lead the Event safety and incident manager and relevant stakeholders on the improvement of the customer journey whilst ensuring the implementation of event related security
  • To form part of the Senior Incident Manager rota as
  • To deputise for the Assistant Director – Operations and FM as
  • To be the lead and driver of exceptional communication with the relevant managers on any security related actions, learning, improvements, service partner issues, or any building, FM or operational
  • To lead on the production and dissemination of all pre and post event communications pertaining to Security, Customer journey and customer feedback to ensure continuous learning from past
  • To ensure the safety and security of all our customers by ensuring SOP’s, delivery on the ground and best practice is adopted on all security
  • To partake in the OPS and FM duty management rota ensuring that all team deliverables meet and exceed required


  • To own and set the management Budgets associated with the event security and stewarding contracts ensuring these are in line with The ACC Liverpool Group budget
  • To manage and agree the contractual rates for the event security and Stewarding positions and continually identify new ways of working whilst not compromising the security and stewarding delivery for The ACC Liverpool
  • To work closely with the Head of events to understand event budgets to ensure security services for events align themselves to
  • To work closely with the Assistant Director – Operations and FM on setting, monitoring and forecasting the overall departmental
  • To write business cases as and when required for procurement purposes or proposed improvements to the team and service



  • To manage the quality, timely and cost-effective delivery of the event security and Stewarding and CCTV and alarms out-sourced
  • As part of the management and delivery of the above outsourced contracts to ensure the following for each contract;
  1. To measure performance against Key Performance Indicators


  1. To ensure delivery in accordance with the SLA’s.
  2. To ensure the delivery of all aspects of the scope of service
  3. To ensure the audit and inspection of relevant documentation and records to support the above KPI’s, SLA’s and the scope of
  • To manage the contractual meetings and to work with the procurement team on any contractual amendments or variations against the specific



  • To maintain a regular consistent and professional approach to attendance, punctuality, personal appearance, and to adhere to relevant Health & Safety
  • To ensure appropriate Health and Safety measures are in place for all tasks and activities including risk assessments and method
  • To adhere to ACC Liverpool’s Health and Safety policy and observe a duty of care to all users of ACC
  • To pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the
  • To sustain a flexible and adaptable attitude to the work of the
  • To participate in all aspects of training and development as directed and to use all relevant learning opportunities to improve personal skills to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service
  • To contribute to the success of the team in meeting ACC Liverpool’s aims and
  • This job description is not intended to be either prescriptive or exhaustive; it is issued as a framework to outline the main areas of responsibility at the time of
  • The duties of the post require weekend, evening, and night work to meet the needs of the agreed programme of event activities and this is reflected in the salary of the
  • To undertake any other duty commensurate with this post as determined by the Assistant Director – Operations and


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