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Panomera – Latest Release from our Gold Partners, Dallmeier

Gold Partners, Dallmeier have released the latest version of their flagship CCTV Camera Syatem, Panomera.

This systems sits proudly in many of our stadiums including the brand new Brentford Community Stadium as well as other across our leagues, including 16 clubs in the Premier League.

If your club is looking at an update, upgrade, replacement or even a simply add-on to what you already have, it’s time to speak to Steve Hodges. Call him on 07866 265642 or e-mail him on

A limited amount of funding is available from the FSOA for Dallmeier products

See how it works for you! follow the link now to register for Dallmeier’s webinar which will take place at 1630 hrs on 5 November

Experience Panomera® in a 20-minute webinar (Thursday, 5 November at 4:30 PM CET)

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