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Pitch Invader Jailed – But Is Sentence Long Enough?

Paul Mitchell, the man accused of invading the field of play at St Andrews Stadium and attacking Jack Grealish, has been sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for his troubles.

For once this looks like a positive result, but is the sentence long enough? When you take into account the potential that the incursion carried, the FSOA is happy that this man has been dealt with, but disappointed at the length of the sentence. Fourteen weeks might take Mitchell to the end of the season, but no doubt he will be out in half that time.

This and the other incidents over the weekend were discussed by the pundits on MOTD2 and it was a relief to hear that they only implied that there could be an added danger, unlike the Sun whose back page yesterday bore the banner “WHAT NEXT A KNIFE?”. Certainly a comment we could have done without.

The FSOA office has today been inundated with calls from broadcasters and journalists from far and wide asking for Club specific comments. John has so far given them only generic information about how stewarding works at a match and how the relationship between stewards and policing comes together.

This is what was reported locally


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